The history of the company

Chemical production in Buy, Kostroma region, was established in 1916 in the framework of the "Partnership of Vilenslkiy chemical plant " which moved here from Vilno. A new pant was given the name of Buyskiy chemical plant. Buyskiy chemical plant of the Soviet period due to the wide range and product quality earned the deserved respect not only on the territory of the USSR but also abroad.

The plant's products were applied in the defense industry, aircraft and rocket engineering, automobile industry, and agricultural sector. A distinctive feature of the chemical industry is its scientific content and high-quality staff. Buyskiy chemical plant brought up a brilliant assemblage of professional, dedicated chemists.

The workshop for automobile products was built in the 60s, in one go after the development of AvtoVAZ in Tolyatti. Then Buyskiy chemical plant mastered production of substances used for chemical surface treatment in the automobile industry. The workshop for production of chemicals for surface preparation was called "VAZ workshop". In addition to AvtoVAZ, the products of Buyskiy chemical plant were used in all other automobile plants of the USSR.

After the demise of the Soviet Union in 1991, Closed Joint Stock Company "FK" (initial title: "FK" Limited Liability Partnership) was established in the framework of the Buyskiy chemical plant. Having preserved the technological achievements of the best specialists of the Buyskiy chemical plant of the USSR period, the FK plant started its activity having a great growth potential capacities. Since then, CJSC "FK" has developed completely new directions, such as production of fire extinguishing powders, phosphate binding substances, and silicones.

In 2018, CJSC "FK" continued its successful operation providing Buy's residents workplaces and competitive salaries. The products of "FK" CJSC are used throughout Russia and abroad. Chemicals produced by CJSC "FK" are not inferior in quality to those produced in Europe and the United States while having a lower price. At the present CJSC "FK" is developing, constantly improving quality and range of products, managing new areas of chemical products and expanding sales markets.